Palaash ke patte!

Naa jaane kahan kho gaye,

woh patte palaash ke,

kisi kone mein chupe hue

unhe talaash le…


Unpar kahaani hai meri zindagi ki ,

chand lakiron mein likhi

magar phiki si,

shayad patjhad uda le gayi,

un patton ko is maqaam se…


Bas baithe hai intezaar mein..



yeh sochte hue,

koi laayega phir se unhe samet ke

par koi na mila jo padh sake …

dastaan woh  likhi hui…

na pahunch saka

kareeb us ke…


woh palaash ke patton

ab bhi kare hai intezaar

uda le jaaye phir saawan

ab ki chaukhat par, uske

jiska hume hai barson se intezaar…


  1. soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    Reblogged this on soumyav and commented:

    For the Hindi lovers!

  2. SinPSarkar · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    Kitni pak daastan hai wo,
    Tumne jo kho diya tha!
    Mil gaye wahi palash ke patte mujhe
    Aaj jo murjhakar kisi kone me gum se hain!
    Haan utha laya hun,
    Un palash ke patton se
    Wo dastan timhari
    Jo tumse dur kahin kho gaya tha!!

    Bahut hi sundar hai ye kavita!:-)

    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      Thank you Pankaj! for the above lines !

  3. Pawan Hira · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    So beautiful, and how easily one can connect to such feelings. I love your choice of words, and they carry emotions of love. :)

    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      Thank you Pawan! just tried to write as the thoughts went on ..with the flow…

      • Pawan Hira · नवम्बर 8, 2012

        ..and you did that beautifully. :)

        • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

          not as beautiful as you write! :-)

          • Pawan Hira · नवम्बर 8, 2012

            ..and how I wish to write beautifully in hindi. Oh, dear.
            You explored your feelings, and for me it is a second-hand experience. You deserve it, Soumya. :)

            • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

              and those words mean a lot! :-)

  4. Raunak · नवम्बर 8, 2012


    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      :-) Thank you ! thanks for reading too!

  5. rohini · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    its very nice…. :)

    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      Thank you! dear

  6. drsuraiyanasim · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    Hey saumi dear! I didn’t know you had a separate Hindi one too.
    This is a gorgeous poem! I just loved it.

    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      thank u! just started a new one! and Iam sure you will this blog as much as the old one! and will have lots to vent out! :-)

  7. Midnighthues · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    Lovely and beautifully written!!!!’

    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      Hi ! Thank you Aparna! hope ur fine!

  8. vishalbheeroo · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    tune bahut achi likhi zindagi ke baare mein, zindagi ek daur hai aur uss bhag dar se aage humko nikalna hai. jis khoosoorati se apne likha kya batao ab ankhon mein paani aa gaye:)

    • soumyav · नवम्बर 8, 2012

      Thank you very much Vishal.. I appreciate inspite of you nt able to read hindi,you read this with great interest and felt the feelings.

  9. vishalbheeroo · नवम्बर 8, 2012

    Haan aur kaise na padta apne itne pyar se likha:)

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